domingo, 22 de julho de 2007

Welcome to my friends from Cultura!

Welcome to my Blog! I hope that everybody here likes the blog and his meaning. It´s a virtual space to talk about everything, and i´m a person who loves to write (more than speak, sometimes). So this is perfect to do this! It´s a way to put out some things that i don´t agree, that i love, that i think that everybody should see or hear... I think that it´s so importante share opinions, knowledge, funny and curious things with who you cares about, inside your circle of friendship.

I hope that you all enjoy everything here, and have good times of reading ! I try to write everyday, and along these 2 mounths of existence, there´s a lot of stuff to see.
After that, leave a message telling me you opinion, ok?
PS: Mary, I know that your first post will be about my picture!!! rsrsrsrsrsrs

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Teresa Vila disse...


My congratulations!! Your blog is excellent and I am proud to be the first friend from Cultura! I think that your English is really good!