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A New Hope: Cavalera Conspiracy

Nota do Headbloger: Como a entrevista está em Inglês e eu preciso praticar, vou colocar o texto em Inglês também, ok? Se virem para ler!)

If there was a band in the world that I´m truly connected, this band was Sepultura. Since I was a teenager I love the band. When they released their first EP "Bestial Devastation", I was at their first gig here in Rio de Janeiro (1985 - I was 13!) e this also was the very first show that I saw in my life! Since then, I became a great fan, and through all those years I have followed the band, going to shows, buying CD´s, DVD´s and etc. Even autographs from Max and Andreas I get, when came played in Rio de Janeiro for the last time before the separation, and they gave an interview at Rádio Cidade, in downtown. After that, Max leaved the band and Sepultura never was the same. Max founded Soulfly, which sound was very similar to Sepultura´s "Root" CD, and his ex-band got a new singer (not a guitar player, Andreas became the only one) called Derrick Green. After that, a few albuns were released, but both sides never had the same level of sucess as the old times. Soulfly is a little better than Sepultura, but I don´t have any CD´s from both, execept for a few MP3´s albums.

But the agony finally had an end: after ten years, Max and Igor get togheter, playing in a new band called Cavalera Conspiracy. Evething started when Igor left Sepultura, 1-2 years ago I think, and decided become a DJ with his new wife. The Project was called MIXHELL, and no longer remais his past as a Heavy Metal drummer. Getting back to the main subject, under influence of his new wife, Igor maded contact with his brother and, after that, get playing togheter was a simple and natural consequence. The first album, called "Infliketd" was released this mounth and it´s very good, brutal and fast, exactly as the dream of all Sepultura fans around the world. For sure I´m one of them, because the new Sepultura is a sad picture of a band who couldn´t keep in the top. I´m posting here an interview with Max and Igor and the video for "Sanctuary", from the new album. PS: This is the "uncensored" video version, with violent scenes and blood, and, of course, bad words. Long live to Cavalera Conspiracy!!!



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Anônimo disse...

Tu já escutou? Gostou?
Eu escutei uma música, e não achei lá essas coisas. Mas tb, eu não curti os últimos trabalhos do Sepultura com Max, talvez por isso eu não tenha achado lá essas coisas.